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When it comes to building your brand’s online presence, the website is Step One. It is available 24x7x365 without any boundaries, limitations, or obstacles. It isn’t just an online brochure but a platform for your customers. Hence, your website must manifest the nature of your brand.

Studies have shown  that businesses with good websites make as much as 70% more business than those with none.

Our Expertise

Mobile Responsive

In this smartphone era, we can be assured half of the people coming to your site will be looking for services or products on mobile phones. At Webbit, we do not want to disappoint your customers, and our expert developers make sure you have a mobile-friendly and responsive Website design.

Elegant Design

Webbit tends to provide with best website designs in Mysore with precision and make sure the design is aligned with your need.

We do unique and captivating designs that would leave an everlasting impression in the visitor’s mind.


We implement secure coding practices and regularly scan for vulnerabilities using a combination of application scanning tools and code review. We monitor the application to understand the weak links in the system and work on fixing the architecture to make it more robust and keep away hackers and threats.


At Webbit Mysore, we provide continuous maintenance and support services for the website developed by us. We also run tests to review the functionalities before deploying it and check the compatibility of the newly formed code with the existing application to ensure there are no loose ends.

Our Web Design Process



We go about the process by establishing the purpose of your website and research the essential aspects of the application. Gathering information like who is the target audience, what are the functionalities are needed and how much time and money goes into building the application, falls under this phase.
In this stage, we go about creating a wireframe for the site that is aligned with the information gathered in the previous phase. The data flow and relationship between each component is clearly defined to make the application user-friendly.


A website design brings your website to life, as all visual contents are created in this step. We design the layouts following your needs while making sure the design and the contents such as images, videos, infographics, and colors align with the theme. We take your feedback at every step and modify some aspects if you dislike them.



Content Writing and Assembly

Our inhouse content writes your engaging content, eye-catching headings, and interactive call-to-action sections to communicate well with your customers. Our team will also compile the existing content and modify them to suit your goals better.


At this stage, we finally start building the website. Our experienced Web developers will work closely with the designers to replicate the design efficiently. We emphasize on providing a responsive and pixel perfect website. We implement all the complex functionalities and run user acceptance test multiple times. We also optimize code, images, and other resources to help in SEO.



Testing, Review, Launch And Maintenance.

This is the most repetitive part of the process. We test all the links, functionalities, and scripts to ensure no crashes are occurring. We Also check for the cross-browser compatibilities and strictly monitor the responsiveness of the website. After multiple checks and re-checks, we deploy your website into your server and run a final test to check if everything is working correctly. We then start monitoring the website and gather feedback from you and your customers to better the application and help your users overcome the challenges they face while using your product. We also provide services to keep your website updated.

Why Website?

Tell Customer Who and Where You Are

Websites define who you are and bring credibility to your business. With a website, you can reach people who would otherwise never hear about you or know about your brand existence. And Gain an upper hand being a local business as search engines like Google focus on sourcing local results.

Reach All Corners of the World

Make your brand known worldwide and confirm your global presence to gain a larger audience and build a sense of trust with your customers. A professional website that lets you connect to people on the other side of the globe reflects well and builds a reputation for your brand.

Around-the-Clock Access

Good web design will encourage customers to research or shop at any time of the day, widening your prospective consumer base. With the internet’s help, customers can access your store at any time of the day, which would not be possible without a website.

Instant Communication

Having a website will allow you to instantly communicate with your clients without wasting time and money on setting up expensive newsletters or sending out flyers about any upcoming products. Bots and social media allows you to solve customer queries almost instantly.

Attract New Customers

A significant reason for having a website is to reach people who do not know about your business. Customers have access to all of your services once they find your website to either shop or research your business.

Improved Customer Service

Creative blogs, forums, and contact us pages prompt users into raising their concerns and notify you about the difficulties your customers face. You can give your customers instant feedbacks, which drastically improves the overall customer service Integrating live chats into your website enhances customer satisfaction.


Web hosting is the place where all the files of your website live. It is like the home of your website where it actually lives.

A domain is a human-readable address on the server that can be used to access a specific website via a browser.

You can find other companies who provide you with web designing in cheap options but we don’t compromise on the quality. Cheap websites are cheap looking, they turn away customers and end up costing businesses more money. The bottom line is that good websites just don’t come cheap, because they are built with time, resources and most importantly, craftsmanship. At Webbit, we design quality websites, and we make them affordable.

The cost of a basic dynamic website starts at 12000rs. The price depends on the time and resources needed to achieve the end goal.

Yes! We work on multiple technologies to bring you most optimized and sorted E-commerce strategies and website solutions.

We can integrate all major Payment Gateways into your eCommerce Website.

Yes. you can give us the set of requirements that you know and we will curate it and present a project plan that will work to achieve your end goal.

Yes, if it’s built-in CMS like WordPress.

No, We work with clients all over the world. We do not limit our services to the locals alone.

No, We work with multiple technologies like HTML, Javascript, PHP, ReactJS.

Yes. It include in our package, for certain period of time.

Details of business, logo, Photos, Description, content if you have any, pictures, domain

and hosting details if you have.

At the beginning of the project, the customer will have to pay a 50 % deposit. Remaining 50% will be collected after we finalize the design with the customer and before we publish the site.

Sure. We will research the current website and come up with a new design that aligns with your request.

Yes. We always take a backup end of every month of your website so we can be safe from data loss.

A static website is one that is not connected to a database to get the information from
and the only way to alter it is by going and making changes in the code. Whereas a dynamic
website is written using complex code which can have changing content coming from the

Yes! To reach the first page of any search engine SEO is a very essential tool. Search engine optimisation (SEO) helps websites perform better naturally in search engines. Websites rank higher in search engines for a range of key phrases and increase targeted website traffic. This also helps in improving the load time of your website which can be pleasant for the users.

Somewhere between 5 to 20 days, depends on the complexity of the project.

No, We work with clients all over the world. We do not limit our services to the locals alone.

Yes. Our Websites are 100% mobile-friendly and we take pride in building such precise websites.

Of course, we will help you if you don’t have any. There might be additional charges for content writing and it depending on how much you want.

We have inhouse content writer experienced in writing for multiple niches. Our writer researches about your field and comes up with engaging content for effective communication.

Yes. We have staging servers where your website will be hosted and you can constantly monitor the progress of the website.

We will do 2 rounds of major revisions at no charge. All minor revisions are provided at no charge. Also if its built-in cms you can do it yourself if you want.

Yes, it includes in our plan.

Yes, we do and very often! Distance is no challenge in today’s virtual world. We provide 24-hour virtual support online by email, phone, chat.

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